Indian Defence NewsRecently, I read an item within the BJP paper Organizer which stated that this Congress party fostered dynastic politics. This is certainly amusing jointly cannot understand what dynastic politics is. It is a fact that only dynasties have ruled nations. Look at the house of Windsor that is the pinnacle of England from 1066 when William the conqueror landed in England. The Tsars who ruled Russia as well as the Gupta and Maurya dynasty accompanied by the Moghul dynasty were all rulers of India. They were all dynasties and history records that a number of the dynasties ruled for years and years.

The army rules of 1954 had stated if there’s any change by using an army’s date of birth, this will only be entertained by 50 percent years upon joining the military. This had further put Gen. Singh in the hard position. He said though he immediately made the mandatory correction on his dob in the army records in 1971 immediately after he got his school leaving certification. However, the ministry also found out that this list of officers for your army that’s published for 1974 to 1975 had mentioned that his birth date is 1950 that’s contradicting to his claims. He has also been given 3 promotions based on his 1950 DoB that led him to having an army senior position but suddenly he had realized that the birth date he’s was wrong.

Pakistan launched the 1947 Kashmir operation which has a view to annex the state of hawaii to Pakistan. In the fall of 1947 the raiders reached Srinagar airfield also it has not been clear if the tribal’s had over run the airfield. The Indian government having received the instrument of accession signed by the Maharajah Hari Singh ordered the Indian military in to the valley. One DC 3 with 28 troops in the Sikh regiment flew into Srinagar at a tie m when the rebels were nearing the airfield. The battle thus commenced because Sikh regiment faced the tribal’s led by regular Pakistan Army officers.

On that fate full day the 21 Sikhs were attacked by the afghan hordes. The battle lasted six hours and also the Afghan Muslims lost over 1000 dead. Such battles within the History of the globe are rare.Thermopyle where 300 Spartans held an Iranian force of thousands is greatly publicised. But this battle of equal importance sometimes more decisive just as one act of bravery is sadly not that popular.

The infantry regiments of the Indian Army are now built with this assault rifle. This rifle has nothing original over it and is in line with the AK 47 Kalashnikov. The Indian ordinance factories have however incorporated some modifications in the mechanism of the weapon as well as this purpose they have trusted the German HK G3 rifle and also the FN Fall rifle (Fusil Automatique Leger – Light Automatic Rifle). The FN Fall rifle is an extremely famous weapon of German origin.

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